Momentum Program Manager (remote)

Los Angeles, CA

We’re looking for a Momentum Program Manager to join our team! 

Do you leap tall buildings with a single bound?

Or run faster than a speeding bullet?

No worries, neither do we but that doesn’t stop us from being superheroes to our tribe!

We’re Live Your Message — a business training company that gets people so excited about changing their lives... that they stop dreaming and actually do it. Through "choose your own adventure" online business education, we make it possible for anyone with a big message for the world to reach more people, make more money and have a bigger impact.

In service of this mission, our team is behind some of the most creative and successful online marketing and digital product launches and we partner with the top business & internet marketing minds on the planet.

We've supported almost 10,000 students through our group coaching and training programs: Start With You, Website ATM, Experience Product Masterclass and Momentum.

Our company and our reach has been growing fast and we’re looking for an exceptional Program Manager to oversee our premium 12-month Momentum Program.

The Momentum Program Manager is responsible for making sure the students have an exceptional experience and every piece of our premium program gets delivered on time, and as promised, to optimize student success.

About the Momentum Program

We understand the reason MOST business-building programs fail to deliver results is that they're based on a one-size-fits-all approach that has EVERYBODY doing the same things in the same way and getting the same results.

Momentum is the only business accelerator program tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and their unique businesses. 

Our premium 12-month online coaching and mentorship program guides entrepreneurs through 3 levels of growth with specific goals for each:

Activate: clarifying their niche and making your first few sales. ($0-30K/yr)

Accelerate: growing to six-figures by creating reliable, repeatable income, building an internal team they need for the next stage. ($30-100K/yr)

Amplify: leveraging and scaling to compound their growth, hit their next big income goal and start making real money with real impact ($100K+/yr)

The ultimate goal of Momentum is to give entrepreneurs lasting success and fulfillment by building a business that leverages their strengths and passions. 

Your ultimate goal as Momentum Program Manager is to ensure the success of our students through high-touch, concierge level delivery that keeps them engaged and excited, hitting their program milestones like clockwork and renewing for the next Momentum level year-after-year.

Here’s What the Role Will Look Like for You:

Ensure every piece of Momentum is delivered seamlessly and without errors: onboarding sequence, emails, calls, texts, membership sites, social media communities, physical gifts, virtual workshops and retreats (...hopefully live again soon), coaching team coordination, and more...

Manage all projects and administrative tasks for weekly workshops and events.

Make program delivery decisions and suggestions based on metrics related to student engagement and completion rates, receivables and profitability.

Proofread and QA all membership site content, links, attention grabbing emails, social posts and other student-facing messaging.  Attention to detail is a must.

Coordinate with our Community Manager to keep students engaged, informed and hot dawg excited about their next steps to successful completion.

Demonstrate objectivity, resourcefulness and clear leadership in our fast-paced team environment.

Implement our innovative approach to gamified learning that we call "Experiencification" with leaderboards, competitions and other learning incentives that keep our students engaged and on track.

Be highly attuned to our students’ experience, constantly proposing and testing ideas for how we can get more students to "Mission Accomplished." 

Call new students to welcome them into the program and get them set-up.

Occasionally have re-enrollment or retention calls with premium-level students or get on the phone to resolve a gnarly issue.

Be an information hub, organizational ninja and time management master.  Everyone will look to you as a “go-to” resource for the Momentum Program.

Offer stability to our students, ensuring engagement and retention through every aspect of the Momentum program.

Manage the fulfillment team to create an exceptional student experience that drives results, retention and re-enrollment.

About You

You have experience working in a purpose-driven online education company.

You're an A-player, committed to excellence, looking for a fast-paced work environment where you’re surrounded by a team of high-performers who love what we do and who we serve.

You bring a detail-oriented, systems innovation mindset with extensive use of project management software, google docs, gantt charts and reporting dashboards. You're both efficient and accurate when it comes to managing the details. You can spot typos from a mile away.

You have impeccable verbal and written communication skills (a Bachelor’s Degree is a must), and enjoy deeply connecting with individuals via email, online, over the phone and in person (when things get back to normal).

You take action to solve problems effectively and efficiently, consistently demonstrating a solution-focused, growth mindset and experimental worldview. 

You're able to juggle lots of projects and tasks with different timelines without dropping the ball on anything. 

You LOVE supporting people and truly care about their needs… you don’t need to be the star of the show.

You know how to address student complaints by uncovering and responding to the deeper need, knowing when to accommodate their requests vs. when to hold your ground while helping them feel acknowledged in the process.

You're a strategic big-picture thinker and at the same time you can see the details, you like getting things done and checking things off your list.

You value variety and excitement with an eye towards creating consistency and predictability. 

You prefer joining a team to starting your own business. You are not looking for a side-gig to fund your entrepreneurial dream. You are looking to grow your skills within a stable, supportive, long-term position in a world-class company.

You like to be challenged and to actively learn and grow beyond your comfort zone in a work environment. 

You’re an independent self-starter. Rather than waiting for someone to tell you what to do, you jump in and look for ways to give, serve and contribute. We don’t subscribe to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” so we’d love you to always be on the look out for how we can improve.

The Deets

This is a full-time position with benefits. When we’re in “launch mode” or “event mode,” it’s all hands on deck. Those weeks, we’ll need your support for longer and more unusual hours. This can mean a few weeks of late nights and working weekends.

The role is also virtual, but you need to be available to work during “normal business hours” (approximately 9am to 6pm Pacific time, give or take two hours) regardless of the time zone you live in.

NOTE: Once the world gets back to normal, it’s important that you’re available to travel up to 30 days a year to support program events and be flexible to the needs of the business (15-25 of these days will be in the Los Angeles area).

What to Expect As a Teammate of Live Your Message

You’ll never be penalized for taking initiative to solve a customer problem or to fix a systems issue that you identify.

You’ll be part of a hard-working and amazing team who are committed to excellence and dedicated to making a difference in this world through the people we serve and truly enjoy what they do… and have fun along the way too!

You’ll be supported with practical information and systems that set you up for success.

Opportunities to learn and grow; personally and professionally with training courses, mentorship, fun retreats and working team vacations.

A fun, gamified context for completing your goals, making suggestions and working together as a team.

Great opportunities for advancement.

If this position is calling out to you, we want to hear from you!